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    • 7 Dec 2022
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • 4500 5th Ave S Building C, Birmingham, AL 35222

    Join us Wednesday, December 7th from 6-9pm at Cahaba Brewing Company for a holiday party  with AAF Birmingham, Alabama PRSA, AMA Birmingham and United Ability There will be a toy drive  benefiting children in United Ability’s First Teacher Home Visiting Program. The target  registry for the toy drive is >>

    Come celebrate with a tacky sweater contest, door prizes, an art auction, holiday treats and a signature holiday cocktail  United Ability’s First Teacher Home Visiting Program provides free home-based services to families in such areas as parent-child interaction, parenting skills, and child development. Families with children ages birth to five who may have a diagnosed disability, developmental delay or are just in need of extra support in the home are recipients of these home visiting services. We are honored to help support the First Teacher program with the toy drive and art auction. Bring a toy and spread some joy! 

    AAF Birmingham plays a unique role in our local advertising community because we strive to maintain a strong network, through industry knowledge and education, creative recognition, and opportunities for idea exchange, for both the businesses and individuals who make up advertising in the Birmingham area

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Past events

16 Nov 2022 AAF Birmingham November Breakfast and Chat: Katie Dumais on Disability Awareness and Etiquette Training for Businesses
26 Oct 2022 AAF Birmingham October Luncheon: Shawn Fitzwater, with Fitz Signs & Murals
28 Sep 2022 AAF Birmingham September Luncheon: Kecia Thomas, Dean of the UAB College of Arts and Sciences: How good intentions and well-meaning behaviors derail DEI efforts.
24 Aug 2022 AAF Birmingham August Luncheon: Mike Riddle, Is a hotdog a sandwich?
20 Jul 2022 AAF Birmingham July Luncheon: Public Affairs with United Ability and Youth Towers
29 Jun 2022 2022 AAF Birmingham Ten Awards at Vulcan
25 May 2022 AAF Birmingham May Luncheon: Bill Todd, o2ideas!
11 May 2022 May Membership Mixer at Paper Doll
27 Apr 2022 AAF Birmingham April Luncheon: Update
1 Apr 2022 #FirstFridayMentors with Uptick Marketing's Matt Spivak
23 Mar 2022 AAF Birmingham March Luncheon: Women's Panel
4 Mar 2022 #FirstFridayMentors with WVTM NBC 13
4 Feb 2022 #FirstFridayMentors with UNITED ABILITY
26 Jan 2022 AAF January Virtual Luncheon: Ashley M. Jones, Poet Laureate of Alabama
8 Dec 2021 AAF December Luncheon: American Advertising Awards - Ask Me Anything!
3 Dec 2021 #FirstFridayMentors with BHAM NOW
17 Nov 2021 AAF November Luncheon: Thanksgiving Meal at Bogue's Restaurant
13 Nov 2021 AAF Birmingham CreateAthon
5 Nov 2021 #FirstFridayMentors with WBRC Fox 6 News
27 Oct 2021 AAF October Luncheon: Seth Griffin, CCO of Telegraph Creative and Creator of the Card Game Two Trumps and a Lie
22 Sep 2021 AAF September Luncheon: Lindsey McAdory, Jr. CEO & Chief Strategist of CBG Strategies
25 Aug 2021 AAF August Luncheon: Alice Westery, Founder of Youth Towers
28 Jul 2021 AAF Luncheon: The World Games 2022 with Jay Roberson
23 Jun 2021 2021 AAF Birmingham TEN Awards at Vulcan
25 May 2021 May AAFB Virtual Luncheon: The Art and Science of SEO
13 May 2021 May Membership Mixer at The Roof
21 Apr 2021 April AAFB Virtual Luncheon: Marketing Makeovers for Nonprofits
31 Mar 2021 March AAFB Virtual Luncheon: Voice Technology And Marketing
18 Mar 2021 2021 Student Portfolio Reviews
27 Jan 2021 January AAFB Virtual Luncheon: Disability Representation in Advertising
9 Dec 2020 2020 AAF Birmingham Virtual Holiday Party
24 Nov 2020 November AAFB Virtual Luncheon: What Does It Take to Win an ADDY?
28 Oct 2020 The AAF Birmingham Halloween Design-Off
23 Sep 2020 The 2020 AAF Birmingham TEN Awards
26 Aug 2020 August AAFB Virtual Luncheon: The 10 Commandments of Online Reputation Management
29 Jul 2020 August AAFB Virtual Luncheon: Promoting a global sporting event: The World Games 2022 Birmingham
24 Jun 2020 June AAFB Virtual Luncheon: Shining the Light on Diversity in Advertising
27 May 2020 May AAFB Virtual Luncheon: Slow Your Roll with Greg Graber
29 Apr 2020 April AAFB Virtual Luncheon: #BhamStrong with Rick Journey
25 Mar 2020 March AAFB Un-Luncheon: Summit on the Pandemic Communication Situation
22 Jan 2020 January AAFB Luncheon: Kyle McDougal
9 Dec 2019 2019 AAF Birmingham Holiday Party
5 Dec 2019 2019 Student Portfolio Reviews
20 Nov 2019 November AAFB Luncheon: Mike Lear
23 Oct 2019 October AAFB Luncheon: Michael Gass
25 Sep 2019 September AAFB Luncheon: People Not Pageviews with Javacia Harris Bowser
21 Aug 2019 August AAFB Luncheon: Artwalk Talk with Joy Myers & Tony Diliberto
24 Jul 2019 July AAFB Luncheon: Sloss Tech: Behind the Scenes with Kevin McLendon
22 May 2019 May AAFB Luncheon: Hope Changes Everything (and so Does Good Creative)
24 Apr 2019 April AAFB Luncheon: Advertising's Role in Alabama's Economy (a Recap)
15 Mar 2019 March AAFB Luncheon: Content Marketing with Phyllis Neil Rush
22 Feb 2019 2019 American Advertising Awards Gala
18 Jan 2019 January AAFB Luncheon: Jake McKenzie, CEO of Intermark Group
13 Dec 2018 2018 AAF Birmingham Holiday Party
16 Nov 2018 November AAFB Luncheon: Ford Wiles of Big Communications
6 Nov 2018 Join AAF Birmingham for a Night at the Woolworth!
19 Oct 2018 October AAFB Luncheon: Town Hall
20 Sep 2018 September AAFB Luncheon: Stephanie Friedman
16 Aug 2018 August AAFB Luncheon: Chloe Cook
29 Jun 2018 AAFB Sample Luncheon
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